December 20, 2006

My name is "Bug"

Our home has grown by four little paws.

This is a template by:
Kangas at Rebecca Lynn's Studio

Papers by:
Jen Wilson


December 04, 2006

I love this Ornament ...

This was a freebie on Mrs Miles website.. Isn't this cute of three of my grandchildren Christmas 2005. Thank you for the all the cool things you give away Mrs. Miles.

November 28, 2006

Alma Townsend ~ Quick Fix Chat

I love Alma's Designs... she does awesome stuff... check her out here

November 20, 2006

Well look what I found..

This was from one of the first crops I did.. I found it tonight when someone posted a comment and it came to my email.. so I went to check it out.. there it was in a gallery I forgot about. I have a lot I want to do, hopefully after the holdidays I can really get some done.

October 17, 2006

Kim Hill - Online template challenge

This was fun to do.. I even made the small brads in the middle of the flowers, very simple thing to do.

We were suppose to do this challenge and have it done and uploaded to the site by 11:59 EST, which should have been a piece of cake NOT!

Our %^%# Internet went down again for a couple of hours so I didn't get it up until after midnight PST. This picture is of Annemarie's girls this summer when her friend did a photo shoot with the girls.

The kit is by Kim Hill, of CG EG Essentials, the font is Digs My Hart.

October 16, 2006

I am getting excited...

I am getting ready to start a another class, three more days... check out this link to HP

If you know of other classes let me know.

October 15, 2006

A day with grandma..

I love this layout.. the kit I used was from Traci Sims.. I did this all on my own.. no crop or class.

Dodson Children

This is a photo that Roxane sent to us.. I was fooling around with these papers. This layout is what they call a template.. and it is a desgined layout and you add whatever you want to it.


Number 4 getting better.

Roxane and Baby Brooke.

This was my first time using a QP, a QP is where someone designs a layout.. and all you have to do is add your photo to it. You can add to them ... I added the large pick flower.


This was my second online crop.

A day at the Beach...

Ok... I have to show my first one.. yikes.. I love the layout.. but wow... have I grown since this very first class.