October 02, 2009

Whistler BC

Ok.... we sat for about 10 minutes or so at the entrance.. we stop and they question all of us and take our passports.. then they tell us to drive up to the building close and lock our car up.. then go inside.. we were there for an hour. They had us sit down for more than 30 minutes then called us one by one to go up there and they questioned us.. well almost everyone (but me).. I guess I look like a little old lady.

Then they asked for Roberts truck keys and went and searched our car then came back and asked us all the same questions like 2 or 3 times. Not bad really we were just tired and wanted to get to our room.

So we went back out to our car I turned my phone on and it told me that I would be charged 15.92 per kb ... I have no idea what that pertains to so I shut that puppy of so fast... I will call ATT tomorrow and see what the heck is going on.

Jade and Deb's condo is awesome.. I will share photos soon. we ordered Indian food in... oh my gosh... Karen I feel spoiled having in twice in two weeks. oh yum. Deb headed to bed and the rest of us are chillin for a little bit.

October 01, 2009

A new start...

I am really going to try and keep up with my blog :)

Boy where did the summer go? We had a great time when we went to Branson for Robert's mothers 80th Birthday.. the heat and humidity was a bit much for me but I still had a good time. My mother in law and family had a good time also.
We saw many many fields of corn it went on forever.. lol

We went to the Butterfly Palace and that was amazing.. you have to go through double doors going in and out.. so you have time to make sure there are not any butterflies trying to leave with you. Before you entered the room with the butterflies you had to watch a 3D movie I was swatting at the ones that were coming near my face.. it was really something to see.

One of the photos below is a butterfly that landed on my brother in law Dennis and one landed on my shirt.. I walked all around in there with that little guy sitting on me.. People would ask if it was ok if they took a picture.

Shirley's Birthday.. This was a great looking gift shop on the way to the lodge.. I love the landscaping.

This is the lodge where we ate dinner.. it was lovely, the food was great and the staff was superb.

There were a couple of spots in the road where they made it look like you were driving through a creek.

of course here is a photo of the birthday girl.

A restaurant down by the water (Branson Landing water front) It is called Cantina Laredo it was my favorite place.. yes we went back for more.. the guacamole was made at your table and the food was fresh not greasy, our waitress was the adorable. The remaining photos are of the view from the restaurant.

That is it for tonight. Goodnight everyone. Photobucket