July 25, 2007

New Grandbabies....

I just wanted to give a shout out... and a yahooooo to the new Grandparents...

Two of our friends have new Grandbabies first is...

Carey and Romel Jones... wooohooo you guys... first time grandparents.. there is nothing like that first Grandbabies. 

Lilly Michelle Jones

weight 7 lbs 7 oz, 19 1/2 inches long, born on the 4th of  July at 6:36 p.m.

I know she is going to bring you so much joy.. have fun.


Next is ..

Randy & Karen Ward... woooohooo to you guys..  you are trying to catch up with us. They also had a little granddaughter.

Camille Avery

6 weeks early, but  very healthy at  5lb. 2oz.  18 inches long.  I bet you cant wait to get your hands on her.

Weather is getting better...

The weather is finally getting to feel like summer.. I was so sick of the weather that Tuesday night we drove to Longview for some warm weather and a walk in the beautiful park there. here are a couple of pictures. We had such a nice time, great walk many many people out. We then went to dinner at Applebees and then headed home.. unfortuanatley they were doing road work on 30 so we had a half hour delay.. poor Robert was so tired by the time we got home he fell into bed.

Robert thinks he looks like a old man here... I think he is more handsome now then when he was younger.. I love you sweetie.. I really do.. you arent getting older your getting better.

Robert went to take bug outside for the last time and I heard him shut the garage door. I thought hmmm... that was fast.. he poked his head in and said that 2 raccoons were in the garage eating BUGS dog food.. a brand new bag I just bought, little boogers. So we went out there and cleaned everything up and put his food in a plastic container. BUG wanted out so bad to see them.. but they would have eaten him too.. lol

July 23, 2007

sooooo looking forward to this...

Ok... the rain is getting to me....

I just had to show you Tracey Monette's kit that is coming out on the 29th.. It is the one I used to do my header... and I did use the paper from that kit to scrap the above layout. I know.. not very girly, but I know the CT team will do some awesome layouts with it.. keep your eyes open...I loved that paper and had to use it.

Check out Tracey's store.

July 20, 2007

Little People in a BIG world!

Ok... this is too funny.. last night a friend of mine told me the "Little People" were in town and were filming here in Seaside, I was so excited I called my sister.. (her and I love to watch that show) I told her I was going to look for them if it took me all day... so Bug and I went for a walk and walked and walked and walked.. we went by the "PIG" Pig and Pancake restaurant because we were told they were going to film there. (why I don't know) lol.. any way.. no show.

Robert was gone all day to Astoria..when he came home I asked him if he knew anything about it and he said no.. but he was gone all day. so I told him. lets go see if they are there... I didnt want to intrude but if I got a chance to meet Amy I wanted to, I love her strength and spunk... and I love what a doer and dreamer he is.. So we went for a walk and NOPE!! no where to be found. There were a bunch of people hanging around wanting to see them also, so if it was a rumor it really spread. The picture is right acrossed from the "PIG" I said we are sitting here all night if I have to... oh my gosh what a freak I am. sooo.. Robert took these they crack me up.. As bold as I sometimes think I am... I stand back.. I don't think I would have gone up to them. I had a online class I wanted to take so we left. For you that don't know who they are here is a link.. They live about an hour from me. "Little People BIG World".
Sooooooo... this afternoon when Robert came home he said.... yup.. the "Little People" really were here.. I asked him how he knew.. and he said they called his office to see if they needed any special permits for filming.. bummer.. I missed them.. he didn't talk to them because he was in Astoria all day. ok.. you guys does this mean I don't have a life... LOL

This is a picture of the old City Hall.. I love this building so much.. I wish I could have found it when it was for sale.. it just sits there rotting.. someone in California owns it and they are not doing a thing with it.. wouldn't it be cool to live in the upper level and have something fun on the bottom.. Robert and I both think that would be so cool.. it is right at 101 and Broadway.

#1. The pictures below start with the house that I always walk by.. can't help it.. I had to take another picture.. it is awesome.

#2. One of our many starfish on Broadway.. they usually are not up all summer.. but I am glad they are.

The 3rd one is of a one of the many bushes on Broadway.

#4. Our favorite restaurant in town.. I love how it looked last night.

A few pictures while on a walk last night.

We were walking by the convention center... and I spotted my sign and thought... hmmmm... I should take a picture, they just put this on the reader board for me. pretty cool huh.

July 18, 2007

How do you like my new Header?

I am not good at HTML.. but blogger lets you just click and drop.. so hopefully it looks ok to you all.. This is a new kit created by Tracey Gilbert Monette and Clever Monkey Graphics check out her blog here.

"Wild Rose" will be released July 29th.

July 16, 2007

Summer at the Beach...

Hey everyone... hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine... My daughter that lives in Eastern Washington and her 3 children came down for a few days.. it was fun having them here and we had a great time. Everyone had a great time playing with the Wii... they even got grandpa to play and I think he really likes it.. I was looking for him tonight and couldn't find him... when he came upstairs I asked where have you been? He said someone left the Wii on so I played some golf... lol

We had another espresso event this weekend... Robert and I took turns working it, it made it much easier, the days started at 10am and ended at 11pm. Our grandson helped also.. and while he was with me he did inventory for me.. that was awesome.

Roxane and the kids went shopping and did the tourist thing, the kids did the carousel and Brie bought me a lovely seashell with purple veins in it, love it. They had to check out the great candy store "The Buzz" . Roxane made homemade tacos one night... yummy
They packed up the truck with stuff we told them to take home with them *grin* great way to clean out the house.

As they were leaving to return to Benton City, Deb and the boys and her mom and dad pulled in. They headed to the beach.. Robert and I went down later to spend a little time with them, we headed home and they played and swam in the ocean for many more hours. The beach and the city was packed with people. The kids had a great time and played until they decided they were starving.. they all came home and ate and played for a little bit then headed home to Washington. I am sure the boys slept all the way home.

As Deb and her family were driving away my neighbor with the new baby said hey can we come over.. lol.. so we chatted for awhile and the baby fell asleep in my arms so she asked if she could go home and eat... of course i said... I am sure she hasn't had much time to sit down and eat by herself. They stayed and visited then I rested the remainder of the night...

The next day I had to kick into gear and get ready for BUNCO hosted at my house.. very busy couple of weeks.

July 11, 2007

Hot time in the city... oh I mean on the Coast!

Robert and I went to Portland yesterday, I had a doctors appointment. It was over a 100.. but because of the meds they pushed through me for the CT scan I think I was cold and the heat felt wonderful.. I just sat in the sun and soaked it in.

We went to Costco which is always a dangerous place to go, and I will be darned we were attacked... a wii jumped right in our cart and made us take it home.. what can you do! we are excited to get it hooked up and try it out.

As we were heading home the heat felt so good... then about 20 minutes from Seaside I think all the meds got through my system and I really was feeling the heat. When we got home the house was 87 degrees... the coolest place to be was in the garage.. so we spent some time there.

Then Robert worked on painting of my office, after he was done he said I am going for a run do you want to walk while I run... so we grabbed Bug and headed to the beach. It was 9:30 and still very warm out.. so many people out on the turnaround and on the beach. Of course everyone had to stop us and talk to Bug. lol. These are some things I had to take pictures of on my walk.. bummer I didn't have my Nikon again shame on me.