December 21, 2009

I had to share this photo of Ellie and Bug... it is just too cute. I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas and remembering the reason for the season and not getting stressed. Hugs and Merry Christmas to everyone.
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December 08, 2009

Heather Bailey's new fabric line

I work at our local quilt store and we just recived the whole line of   " Nicey Jane™ "  Love love love it.!  Sorry I took the photo with my phone.

November 18, 2009

Stormy at the beach..

Tuesday it was a crazy stormy day... and it appears we are going to have the same type of day today.  DH went in to see what he could do to help and he stayed out until 2:30am , when he got home he was beat and soaked. We had a major flood on 101 and they shut it down for a bit.


We call this Lake Safeway... come by sometime and take a dip.

I heard a loud boom but couldnt find out where it came from and I found out this morning that the glass in our patio table was lifted out and thrown on the ground... I am so glad he did not go through the window or land on a car... yikes. It is way too heavy to pick up so that was some powerful wind.

Stay warm everyone. 

November 15, 2009

Quiet Reading Day

I really had a nice relaxed quiet day today.. I am finally feeling a bit better and I have a lovely friend that sent me probably ten years worth the quilting magazines. I enjoyed sitting and reading through as many as I could I loved seeing how things have changed. I am looking forward to taking another class as soon as I find one locally.

Thank you to everyone that emailed and commented so very very sweet of you. I really am feeling better.  Debra thank you so much for that advice.. can you email me I have a couple of questions for you. Thanks.

Amy you get snow don't you? I do miss that.. while we were in Whistler I enjoyed it very much.

Karen thank you for getting back to me about the boxes.. I cant wait to try some. 

Those of you who have been asking I will post more pictures soon I promise.

Have a great week.  I will leave you with this picture.. me trying to get through a TON of things that I have neglected, they just push their way on to me.. lol 

November 12, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away.....

My gosh....I have been not well for so long.. and today was my first time out in a very long time. It was actually sunny today Robert ran to Home Depot and Costco so I went along with him. By the time we returned home the rain started up again.. it is just beginning and I am already sick of it.

It has been raining hard and non stop some times. The poor dogs have not wanted to go out in it and I don't blame them at all. When it is really bad I have been putting papers down in the garage and encouraging them to go there..ummm they look at me like what the heck..but they finally give in and do their thing and thankful to not have to go out on the soggy lawn.

Dont get me wrong.. I love it here but sometimes the rain gets to me.

On our way to Home Depot I snapped this with my phone.. we are so excited to be getting a larger Costco it opens on the 25th of this month, notice the rain started again.

We were talking yesterday  maybe we should go check out Arizona in a couple of months and see how I do in the drier climate, not that we would move there but we could live there part time.. when it is really wet here. I have noticed on HGTV they were mentioning that it was cheaper there also, so we will see.. that might be the answer. Have a great day.


November 10, 2009

Contest and new fabric store...

Go and check this out... but I dont want you to win... lol I want to win the fat quarters. I new to quilting and I think that would be awesome to win. So go check it our and sign up oh and buy something. :)

October 02, 2009

Whistler BC

Ok.... we sat for about 10 minutes or so at the entrance.. we stop and they question all of us and take our passports.. then they tell us to drive up to the building close and lock our car up.. then go inside.. we were there for an hour. They had us sit down for more than 30 minutes then called us one by one to go up there and they questioned us.. well almost everyone (but me).. I guess I look like a little old lady.

Then they asked for Roberts truck keys and went and searched our car then came back and asked us all the same questions like 2 or 3 times. Not bad really we were just tired and wanted to get to our room.

So we went back out to our car I turned my phone on and it told me that I would be charged 15.92 per kb ... I have no idea what that pertains to so I shut that puppy of so fast... I will call ATT tomorrow and see what the heck is going on.

Jade and Deb's condo is awesome.. I will share photos soon. we ordered Indian food in... oh my gosh... Karen I feel spoiled having in twice in two weeks. oh yum. Deb headed to bed and the rest of us are chillin for a little bit.

October 01, 2009

A new start...

I am really going to try and keep up with my blog :)

Boy where did the summer go? We had a great time when we went to Branson for Robert's mothers 80th Birthday.. the heat and humidity was a bit much for me but I still had a good time. My mother in law and family had a good time also.
We saw many many fields of corn it went on forever.. lol

We went to the Butterfly Palace and that was amazing.. you have to go through double doors going in and out.. so you have time to make sure there are not any butterflies trying to leave with you. Before you entered the room with the butterflies you had to watch a 3D movie I was swatting at the ones that were coming near my face.. it was really something to see.

One of the photos below is a butterfly that landed on my brother in law Dennis and one landed on my shirt.. I walked all around in there with that little guy sitting on me.. People would ask if it was ok if they took a picture.

Shirley's Birthday.. This was a great looking gift shop on the way to the lodge.. I love the landscaping.

This is the lodge where we ate dinner.. it was lovely, the food was great and the staff was superb.

There were a couple of spots in the road where they made it look like you were driving through a creek.

of course here is a photo of the birthday girl.

A restaurant down by the water (Branson Landing water front) It is called Cantina Laredo it was my favorite place.. yes we went back for more.. the guacamole was made at your table and the food was fresh not greasy, our waitress was the adorable. The remaining photos are of the view from the restaurant.

That is it for tonight. Goodnight everyone. Photobucket

September 24, 2009

Where is Joy?

I think she will be back soon. : )

September 02, 2009

I am home ....

Yea.... I am home so tired but happy to be home.

August 28, 2009

Heading home Saturday morning...

I really was bad about posting... I thought I would do so well.. the days were so busy that I just was too tired at night, I will post soon.

August 22, 2009


We are here... More later.

August 19, 2009

We are on the road again.

We made it...

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. ~Seneca

It was in the 90's when we pulled in... but by the time we got settled we ate dinner on my sisters patio and it was beautiful out.

I had forgotten how flat the land is around here.. it is quite different than where we live now.

These photos are not the greatest, I took them with my cell phone, and try to see around all the bugs on the windshield.

going over the bridge from Hermiston Oregon - to Kennewick Washington

Ellie was tired of sitting in back and decided she wanted to drive... lol

Heading into Kennewick

We are very excited to head out to start our adventure tomorrow.

August 18, 2009

Late afternoon

It was 102 when we went through the Gorge.

Heading out.....

We are leaving on our road trip - I am going to try and update frequently so you can see where we are

this was from early this afternoon - the trip really starts tomorrow - we are heading to my sisters today to drop our puppies off for her to watch.

July 08, 2009


Check out this blog I found... a male quilter and he is having a giveaway, His blog is "I AM JUST A GUY THAT QUILTS" have fun.

June 13, 2009

Kalven’s grandparents day….

This is going to be a little out of order, but it has been so busy and with computer problems I have photos all over the place.. I will start with Kals grandparents day because I have the photos right out of the camera. 

What a fun time we had… Kal’s school in such a pretty spot.. and a lovely drive to get there.. but I thought better of showing pictures and putting the name on the internet.
They had a nice lunch out side and it was sunny and warm.. we also had home made ice cream.  We played (the kids) and enjoyed chatting, then they had to get back to business as usual.
I headed back to town and checked a few stores out and then when 3pm hit I went and picked up Kalven and had a wonderful conversation with him.. He is such a funny kid.. he has a funny personality like his dad.. really both the boys do.  Thank you Kalven for a great day!
Ok… I have to go and get ready before hubby gets home.. he wants to go buy some fencing and get the fence done for the puppies.. no this is not a huge project, it is a small do it yourself fence I will show photos later.
            joy (grandma Bug)

June 07, 2009

Still in Kennewick… Storms a brewin…

I will really be home soon… it has been so busy with visits and Graduation. The night before Graduation..this is what it looked like not a great pictures but look close and you can see the sand and wind… I remember what I didn't enjoy about living here.


DSCN0555 storm

The sand was blowing so hard it was getting under my contacts. Things were blowing all over the places… We were shopping and carts were flying everywhere in the parking lot.


It was busy and fun… My sister had a Dessert get together after for family and friends. Oh my gosh it was sugar overload... but they had a great time.  She had a chocolate fountain with Strawberries , marshmallows, cookies, pretzels, funnel sticks, bananas you name it and it was dipped in chocolate..  Also served was punch, coffee and cheese cake. 

It is so hard to believe that my niece is going to be 18 years old. After they were all sugared up.. lol.. (poor teachers).. the kids took off for their senior party.

Here are a couple pictures I was able to grab.

Eleasha   We are so proud of you Eleasha, I know your dad and grandma were there beaming with pride and joy.DSC_0158

This is what they thought of the whole day…


It was a great day.

May 29, 2009

Hey I am back....

I am sorry I have not gotten back to everyone... It has been a bit busy here and I have been gone a lot with personal things to take care of. Praise GOD things have settled down with those things. I promise I will email when I get a chance I am trying to get my house in order. I have over 400 emails and I am slowly going through them as I clean house from company and being out of town. I do want to thank you all for the prayers they worked. I cant discuss online how things went but I am glad that it is over. My daughter is doing so much better. More later... Hugs Joy

May 06, 2009

Bug met his little sister to be..

He did really well with her.. I decided that if there was a bad reaction that I was not going to bring her home, she will be ready to come home in two weeks. Be sure to click on photo to see all of them.
Bug and Ellie

I am still in Washington... oh and I have to show you photos from our walk. yikes do my legs hurt. click on photo

May 05, 2009

So much to blog about....

but no time.. I will be back, I just wanted to thank you all for praying for Stellan and let you know that he is home and doing well. Have a lovely week.

April 21, 2009

Please pray for Stellan…

He is going into surgery this morning.. This is what his momma would love for you to pray for..

Would you pray that Dr. A will have wisdom as to if he should move forward with the ablation after the esophageal study? If he does move forward, would you pray that he will have clarity of mind as far as how aggressive to be with the ablation in order to fix Stellan's problem without putting him at undue risk for complications. Would you pray that the tiny catheters the doctors use will not nick Stellan's coronary artery? Would you pray for peace for me and my husband? Would you pray that heart block will not occur during the surgery? Would you pray that the extra pathways Stellan has will be located and successfully destroyed? Will you pray that, if they need to go through his septum, that it will heal as it should? Would you pray that in the days after the surgery (In infants, coronary damage sometimes doesn't appear for up to three days, so we'll be here for the rest of the week at least it looks.) we will cling to Jesus and not to fear?

April 14, 2009

Home from Las Vegas…

I am taking today to veg,,, I am beat , more and pictures tomorrow.  Always nice to be home.  :)
UPDATE!!!  darn… I am sorry… no update yet.. I am so sick with a headache and sore throat… this was Bug and I all day, he laid on my lap… blah!  Poor Robert he was sick the whole time I was gone.. I hope mine doesn't last that long. 

April 09, 2009