June 13, 2009

Kalven’s grandparents day….

This is going to be a little out of order, but it has been so busy and with computer problems I have photos all over the place.. I will start with Kals grandparents day because I have the photos right out of the camera. 

What a fun time we had… Kal’s school in such a pretty spot.. and a lovely drive to get there.. but I thought better of showing pictures and putting the name on the internet.
They had a nice lunch out side and it was sunny and warm.. we also had home made ice cream.  We played (the kids) and enjoyed chatting, then they had to get back to business as usual.
I headed back to town and checked a few stores out and then when 3pm hit I went and picked up Kalven and had a wonderful conversation with him.. He is such a funny kid.. he has a funny personality like his dad.. really both the boys do.  Thank you Kalven for a great day!
Ok… I have to go and get ready before hubby gets home.. he wants to go buy some fencing and get the fence done for the puppies.. no this is not a huge project, it is a small do it yourself fence I will show photos later.
            joy (grandma Bug)

June 07, 2009

Still in Kennewick… Storms a brewin…

I will really be home soon… it has been so busy with visits and Graduation. The night before Graduation..this is what it looked like not a great pictures but look close and you can see the sand and wind… I remember what I didn't enjoy about living here.


DSCN0555 storm

The sand was blowing so hard it was getting under my contacts. Things were blowing all over the places… We were shopping and carts were flying everywhere in the parking lot.


It was busy and fun… My sister had a Dessert get together after for family and friends. Oh my gosh it was sugar overload... but they had a great time.  She had a chocolate fountain with Strawberries , marshmallows, cookies, pretzels, funnel sticks, bananas you name it and it was dipped in chocolate..  Also served was punch, coffee and cheese cake. 

It is so hard to believe that my niece is going to be 18 years old. After they were all sugared up.. lol.. (poor teachers).. the kids took off for their senior party.

Here are a couple pictures I was able to grab.

Eleasha   We are so proud of you Eleasha, I know your dad and grandma were there beaming with pride and joy.DSC_0158

This is what they thought of the whole day…


It was a great day.