August 30, 2007

If you need a laugh...

You need to check out this BLOG... she is just too funny.

August 28, 2007

Melanie thank you so much for making this for me... I love it so much.
The deck is almost done... Robert and Monte worked so hard on the yard and sanding and priming the deck and front porch... Robert painted the front porch... and tonight we did half of the deck that faces the ocean.. if all goes well we will finish tomorrow. Bug has bits of paint in his hair.. lol... he would not stay away. Scroll down... deck pictures below.

Finally a little scrapbooking.

Fishing trip that my son and husband went on a couple of weeks ago. Kit by Rikki Donovan.

A couple of pictures..

The gate is a picture that I took on a walk two nights ago. Then an up date on the deck... woohoo.

August 23, 2007

I was having such a hard day ...

yesterday... I don't know why .. but it was a tough day all day.. Then I didnt feel good.. so I came home and went to bed. Later in the evening I was checking my usual blogs and there was Melanie's I truly am not good with someone saying nice things about me ... I alway just blow it off.. I was shocked by the things that Melanie said.. I was like... hey is she talking about me. Thank you Melanie.. you really did make my day so much better... and made me really understand why it is so important to leave a note when you visit someones blog.. please check out her blog. She always has some wonderful quote artwork on her blog that makes you think, or makes you laugh, sometimes just the artwork. But it is always a pleasure to stop by.

yeah.... today they

are going to start the footings for the deck. Here is a better picture of the door and my very funny contractor Mike.

August 21, 2007

New door..

So... I went to Bunco and came home to this... wooohooo. I will get a better picture in the daylight.

Yikes.... this is a little stressful...

Its been going on all day.... hammer hammer hammer... but it will be awesome when the sliding door is there at the end of the day.

August 12, 2007

On one of the long days at Sea

I couldnt sleep... so I scrapped..

You can find this kit at oscraps created by RebeccaLynn

I had to upload this one also just so you could tell the size of the glacier... this was a boat that was coming out as we were going in.

Home from Alaska...

I had a wonderful time... too tired to blog about.. I don't even know if I can lol.. there was so much.. but I will share a photo from the Glacier in Tracey Arm... this was really our favorite spot of the whole trip.. the picture does not do it justice because of how bright it was.. it was sunny.. and such a beautiful spot.

August 09, 2007

Hello from Alaska....

Click on Picture to see... I dont know why it is so small... but too much money to be on the internet to fix it.. I thought you would all enjoy this.. Hugs.. Joy