January 18, 2009

I haven't posted in such a long time.. I really have not been into it much since mom passed. I am feeling like I would like to start again.. so I started out to do that tonight when I decided to change the look of my blog from Christmas. It is amazing how much time that can take.

Just a couple quick things since I am so tired.. Robert and I spent the afternoon working on cleaning and organizing the garage again.. it felt so very good to purge again. We are trying to get ready to set up my office/sewing/craft room. Sunday or Monday we will go to Ikea for a desk that I found there, they have a sale going on that goes through Monday.

Also we had the pleasure of babysitting the cutest little girl.. Robert called and told me that a little girl needed to be taken care of until Monday or Tuesday and he said we could if I wanted to.. here is a couple of photos of her.. Bug loved her and they are having a wonderful time playing nonstop. She looks very small next to him in the photo but it is just the angle. They are about the same size but he has more width *grin*

Her name is Chula and she is the cutest and the most lovey girl. I wish that we could keep her. I know that Bug will cry when she leaves.

Oh and one other thing.. I finally took my Christmas tree down today also.. wow.. that was a chore but I enjoyed it. All of the ornaments were wired on... because remember I bought it at the Festival Of Trees and they have to make sure that everything is secured on the tree so that when it is delivered nothing falls off. I was able to get it all boxed up and ready for storage wooo hooo.

oh and one more one more thing... My mom's Birthday is next Sunday so my sister thought she would come down and spend the weekend with me. I am really looking forward to her being here.

Have a great day...

January 09, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy... I5 has opened and I can go home tomorrow.. I am tired and need my bed. :)

I am glad the rain has stopped.. I don't mind when I am at home.. but being gone and being trapped.. I don't like that feeling.