April 21, 2009

Please pray for Stellan…

He is going into surgery this morning.. This is what his momma would love for you to pray for..

Would you pray that Dr. A will have wisdom as to if he should move forward with the ablation after the esophageal study? If he does move forward, would you pray that he will have clarity of mind as far as how aggressive to be with the ablation in order to fix Stellan's problem without putting him at undue risk for complications. Would you pray that the tiny catheters the doctors use will not nick Stellan's coronary artery? Would you pray for peace for me and my husband? Would you pray that heart block will not occur during the surgery? Would you pray that the extra pathways Stellan has will be located and successfully destroyed? Will you pray that, if they need to go through his septum, that it will heal as it should? Would you pray that in the days after the surgery (In infants, coronary damage sometimes doesn't appear for up to three days, so we'll be here for the rest of the week at least it looks.) we will cling to Jesus and not to fear?

April 14, 2009

Home from Las Vegas…

I am taking today to veg,,, I am beat , more and pictures tomorrow.  Always nice to be home.  :)
UPDATE!!!  darn… I am sorry… no update yet.. I am so sick with a headache and sore throat… this was Bug and I all day, he laid on my lap… blah!  Poor Robert he was sick the whole time I was gone.. I hope mine doesn't last that long. 

April 09, 2009



Beautiful day by the sea…

I  had to run around and get things done today, and it was so beautiful.  It is suppose to rain in the morning when I take off for Las Vegas… Please say a prayer for me I am getting nervous , I am so wanting to get over the fear of flying. I haven't flown in 15 years.  Have a great weekend and a blessed Easter  Celebration.

April 08, 2009

How cool is this….

I just went by Amanda and Kevin's blog and downloaded her background she did… I am so excited when I return from LV I am going to give it a try myself.  Go and check out their awesome blog!

ok.. so I played some more I have to stop… lol things to do. Thank you so much Amanda. 

She is going to be a member of our family…

Her name is Elli… she will be joining us when she is old enough.. Elli is only a couple of days old.  Is she not sooooo cute.  She is a little Chihuahua a little sister for Bug.

Elli  for the web

The Oregon Coast has seen sunshine…

It has been so beautiful here for the past week.. we are heading back into rain… but the week of sun is going to make it bearable.

I have loved driving around with my sun roof open and the wind blowing threw the car. I hope everyone has gotten a little bit of sunshine in their week.