November 12, 2008

Resurrection - Nicol Sponberg

I want to feel whole again..

November 09, 2008


My laptop crashed!!!!!   What is going on... Roberts crashed when the grandson was here.... and now mine crashed.
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November 04, 2008

Late... posting...

I am still struggling with my moms passing, I am trying but I am really having a hard time getting back into doing anything. But it was really good for us to go babysit.. we had such a good time... we took the boys to the park we had never been there before.. it was really beautiful and they had such a good time. They ran and jumped and wore them selves out. It was so hard to believe that on the other side of the trees was I-5 freeway.They loved the leaves jumping and throwing them. We took them for a hot chocolate after, then to see their dad at the fire station on the way home. We said hello and then Jade had to run to a call so we grab a shot as he went by. lol... he scared us to death honking the horn like we were in the way as he went by. We really enjoyed seeing every thing that Jade and Deb had done to their home.. every time there is something else they have done... they are so awesome at DIY and their yard is changing all the time also.. I enjoyed helping Jade and the boys plant bulbs. I cant wait to see all the flowers when they start popping up.

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Centralia 10-25-2008

Robert has been very busy... I do not know how the man finds the time to do all he does.. he has had to work the road because of people on vacation and illness and this year he is President of Rotary... and has his fingers in many other things. We are going to take a week and go somewhere by ourselves as soon as we can make a decision of where. :)

Our sweet little granddaughter "D" sent me a picture of her teeth she lost.. it was a cell phone so not the best.. but she looks so cute and she is so proud.
I had to show you what I sent the the kids.. I found something like this on the internet and I thought it would be fun to do for the kids... they really look so much cuter in person... Robert and I filled them with candy.

Have a great week and don't forget to VOTE!