March 27, 2011

March 18, 2011

Back and forth....

I guess I can say I have a beach house now.. ( wouldn't that be lovely ) When I am in Vancouver and talking about home I have to say Beach House so everyone will know where I am talking about.

I have gone to a couple of home shows with my cousin for ideas of whom to call when we need something done on the Vancouver house. Karen and I have gone to home depot, lowes, and we dragged my Phyllis with us to a couple of furniture stores and bathroom stores. We stopped at a deli in Portland called the Elephants Deli and it is my new favorite lunch place to go. Check it out if you are ever in Portland.

Needless to say last week was a bit crazy with the earthquake in Japan.. tsunami warnings here and in Hawaii.. we had several friends in Hawaii that were evacuated I was in Vancouver at the time and I was a bit stressed that I was not home with Robert. I know he had his hands full with everything that he had to do.. but when something like this happens you want to be with your loved ones. Robert was up all night and day, they ended up evacuating the lower level of Seaside.

I feel so bad for the people in Japan and all they are going through. Please think of them, we had it so much easier than them and they are having to go through all this fear of the nuclear plants now.

I am going to try and keep posting I dont know why it has been so very hard for me. blah blah blah with as much as I like to talk you would think I could... :)

♥ Joy