March 17, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away...

I really have had enough of the rain and hail, rain and hail, wind and rain, enough alreay... *grin* I hope you are having a wonderful week.

March 11, 2009

Check out this cute t-shirt site.....

I was looking on Pioneer Womans site and was checking out the blogs of her guests that she had at her home.. and found one of them started this t-shirt company... I just love them.. check it out.. the link is to the left of this post.
Have a great day. What a fabulous sunny day we had today.... wooohooo

March 09, 2009

I have heard that if you don't like the weather…

At the beach … wait a few minutes  it will change… and it sure did this weekend… we had rain… we had huge hail… we had snow… we had grey sky… and we had beautiful sunshine. 20090306_Hail_002 Here is a picture of the hail.. I didn't get one of the snow.. that was about 3am and I didn't feel like going out and taking a picture.

We finalized our trip to Las Vegas.. so my friends… please pray for my sister and I we are terrified of flying. My sister has never flown in her life. and in my fifty something *grin* years I have only flown 4 times.  We are excited and nervous at the same time.

There is five of us going.. my sister, her best friend.. our cousin .. and our sister in law.

We haven't firmed up anything yet.. as to what we are going to do.. I know my cousin and I want to sneak off for 2 hours and go to a quilt shop that is suppose to be awesome.

I would like to get tickets to see O, Cirque du Soleil's exquisite aquatic performance.

We are going for my sisters 50th BD. She really wants to go on a gondola ride at the Venetian Hotel also.

I should get a little rest as I am volunteering at the hospital today.

Have a great day



March 01, 2009

Check this out Quilters and Crafters…

These are called honey buns and V and Co are having a giveaway… run over and leave a comment… well don’t run I really would like to win them.. *grin*  

click HERE to go to her blog.



Happy Birthday Brother!

I love you !