November 18, 2009

Stormy at the beach..

Tuesday it was a crazy stormy day... and it appears we are going to have the same type of day today.  DH went in to see what he could do to help and he stayed out until 2:30am , when he got home he was beat and soaked. We had a major flood on 101 and they shut it down for a bit.


We call this Lake Safeway... come by sometime and take a dip.

I heard a loud boom but couldnt find out where it came from and I found out this morning that the glass in our patio table was lifted out and thrown on the ground... I am so glad he did not go through the window or land on a car... yikes. It is way too heavy to pick up so that was some powerful wind.

Stay warm everyone. 

November 15, 2009

Quiet Reading Day

I really had a nice relaxed quiet day today.. I am finally feeling a bit better and I have a lovely friend that sent me probably ten years worth the quilting magazines. I enjoyed sitting and reading through as many as I could I loved seeing how things have changed. I am looking forward to taking another class as soon as I find one locally.

Thank you to everyone that emailed and commented so very very sweet of you. I really am feeling better.  Debra thank you so much for that advice.. can you email me I have a couple of questions for you. Thanks.

Amy you get snow don't you? I do miss that.. while we were in Whistler I enjoyed it very much.

Karen thank you for getting back to me about the boxes.. I cant wait to try some. 

Those of you who have been asking I will post more pictures soon I promise.

Have a great week.  I will leave you with this picture.. me trying to get through a TON of things that I have neglected, they just push their way on to me.. lol 

November 12, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away.....

My gosh....I have been not well for so long.. and today was my first time out in a very long time. It was actually sunny today Robert ran to Home Depot and Costco so I went along with him. By the time we returned home the rain started up again.. it is just beginning and I am already sick of it.

It has been raining hard and non stop some times. The poor dogs have not wanted to go out in it and I don't blame them at all. When it is really bad I have been putting papers down in the garage and encouraging them to go there..ummm they look at me like what the heck..but they finally give in and do their thing and thankful to not have to go out on the soggy lawn.

Dont get me wrong.. I love it here but sometimes the rain gets to me.

On our way to Home Depot I snapped this with my phone.. we are so excited to be getting a larger Costco it opens on the 25th of this month, notice the rain started again.

We were talking yesterday  maybe we should go check out Arizona in a couple of months and see how I do in the drier climate, not that we would move there but we could live there part time.. when it is really wet here. I have noticed on HGTV they were mentioning that it was cheaper there also, so we will see.. that might be the answer. Have a great day.


November 10, 2009

Contest and new fabric store...

Go and check this out... but I dont want you to win... lol I want to win the fat quarters. I new to quilting and I think that would be awesome to win. So go check it our and sign up oh and buy something. :)