March 12, 2007

Camera Bag!!

Oh my gosh I love love love it.... I just got it in the mail today.. and I ripped that box open and ran and got my camera and put everything thing in my new bag and it fit perfect. You have to go look at them.. you can pick out from several styles and you can have a monogram put on yours.... I think you name also. I like mine just plain.. so when it is sitting by me or in my car.. no one would think it was a camera bag. Thank you Donna... I love it! click here for the website.


  1. This is a very nice bag! The style is so fresh - just the right thing to walk out with to the beach :)
    Joy, thank you very much for your kind words. I´m sorry you´re also having problems with gallstones. Isn´t it ugly? I hope everything will go well for you - I will be thinking of you my friend!

  2. Oh it's so pretty! Could you, would you, put a list of what you are carrying in there so we can know how much fits? I want one so bad.....:-)


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