July 20, 2007

Little People in a BIG world!

Ok... this is too funny.. last night a friend of mine told me the "Little People" were in town and were filming here in Seaside, I was so excited I called my sister.. (her and I love to watch that show) I told her I was going to look for them if it took me all day... so Bug and I went for a walk and walked and walked and walked.. we went by the "PIG" Pig and Pancake restaurant because we were told they were going to film there. (why I don't know) lol.. any way.. no show.

Robert was gone all day to Astoria..when he came home I asked him if he knew anything about it and he said no.. but he was gone all day. so I told him. lets go see if they are there... I didnt want to intrude but if I got a chance to meet Amy I wanted to, I love her strength and spunk... and I love what a doer and dreamer he is.. So we went for a walk and NOPE!! no where to be found. There were a bunch of people hanging around wanting to see them also, so if it was a rumor it really spread. The picture is right acrossed from the "PIG" I said we are sitting here all night if I have to... oh my gosh what a freak I am. sooo.. Robert took these they crack me up.. As bold as I sometimes think I am... I stand back.. I don't think I would have gone up to them. I had a online class I wanted to take so we left. For you that don't know who they are here is a link.. They live about an hour from me. "Little People BIG World".
Sooooooo... this afternoon when Robert came home he said.... yup.. the "Little People" really were here.. I asked him how he knew.. and he said they called his office to see if they needed any special permits for filming.. bummer.. I missed them.. he didn't talk to them because he was in Astoria all day. ok.. you guys does this mean I don't have a life... LOL

This is a picture of the old City Hall.. I love this building so much.. I wish I could have found it when it was for sale.. it just sits there rotting.. someone in California owns it and they are not doing a thing with it.. wouldn't it be cool to live in the upper level and have something fun on the bottom.. Robert and I both think that would be so cool.. it is right at 101 and Broadway.

#1. The pictures below start with the house that I always walk by.. can't help it.. I had to take another picture.. it is awesome.

#2. One of our many starfish on Broadway.. they usually are not up all summer.. but I am glad they are.

The 3rd one is of a one of the many bushes on Broadway.

#4. Our favorite restaurant in town.. I love how it looked last night.

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