July 25, 2007

Weather is getting better...

The weather is finally getting to feel like summer.. I was so sick of the weather that Tuesday night we drove to Longview for some warm weather and a walk in the beautiful park there. here are a couple of pictures. We had such a nice time, great walk many many people out. We then went to dinner at Applebees and then headed home.. unfortuanatley they were doing road work on 30 so we had a half hour delay.. poor Robert was so tired by the time we got home he fell into bed.

Robert thinks he looks like a old man here... I think he is more handsome now then when he was younger.. I love you sweetie.. I really do.. you arent getting older your getting better.

Robert went to take bug outside for the last time and I heard him shut the garage door. I thought hmmm... that was fast.. he poked his head in and said that 2 raccoons were in the garage eating BUGS dog food.. a brand new bag I just bought, little boogers. So we went out there and cleaned everything up and put his food in a plastic container. BUG wanted out so bad to see them.. but they would have eaten him too.. lol

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  1. Hope you have a great time on your trip Joy! Take lots of photos, I'm sure you will, LOL! and congrats to your friends on the new babes!


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