September 03, 2007

You have to see this.....

I am so excited... I just finished my mothers scrapbook from our Alaskan Cruise... 22 pages. They are all 12x12 I did a layout in the size of 12x36.. then I plopped three of them down at a time.. waaala there they are... I had them printed at Costco and very pleased with how they came out. A sheet 12x36 is 4.99 so not too bad of a deal at all. I did them in lustre instead of glossy. I had a great weekend.. My sister Laurie and her husband Tom and My sister Florence and her daughter Eleasha came down for the weekend.. I was so happy to have them here. Robert went to Vancouver he had a golf date there with Monte... and he stayed and helped them get some shrubs and trees moved in their yard... He actually took my layouts to Costco, because ours here is too small they dont have a photo dept. Click photo below to see more

Sept 3rd blog


  1. Your album looks fantastic. I wish I could find somewhere that would print them like that. Here in UK they look at you strangely if you as for anything more than 10x8!! Thats why I dont print many of my pages! I love your pictures, you capture so many great moments and aspects of the views around you. Oh, nearly Bug too!!

  2. Great photos Joy! Had to check out your blog and see the Alaska photos, that glacier is HUGE!!! Your deck looks awesome and congrats on getting your album done! It looks great!

    P.S., we sat up in the grass at the gorge too, they still have the big grassy part, the seats are only down in the very front center.

  3. WOW! Your album looks so great! You must be very proud of this work :)
    I also love your photos, beautiful scenery!


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