October 28, 2007

whooooaaaaa.. it has been awhile hasn't it...

where to start... needless to say, we both have been so busy. I worked almost everyday in the month of October.. I am really worn out, Robert and I had a totally do NOTHING weekend.. ok ok... well almost.. Robert was called out for 4 hours... the call was a bomb going off in a car... when the call came in it was a fire... the fire department showed up people all around said the sound was so loud people came out from several stores.. they said something blew then a window blew out.. then another large whoosh....another one went off.. but this one was was not loud. They looked around and saw something long with a wire hanging out of it.. and they called the bomb squad. We had to have one flown in.. tied up peoples businesses and cars for several hours. long story short... some battery pack in the car blew up... some tourist said there is a dog in the car... the poor thing was hiding in the back seat on the floor.. it was van. I am so thankful it was not worse... and that the people were out of the car when it happened.. they had a baby in the car and they had barely been out of the car when this happened.

Link to see the pictures larger... CLICK

So that was when we decided since it messed up our plans for the day we decided we would stay home.

Today we finally got our Halloween blowups out.. better late than never. Robert loves it.. it is a little harder for me to get into it because we don't have any babies near to see them. But once we did it.. I loved them as usual.

Robert went home to the Tri-Cities for a friends retired celebration from the Kennewick PD. I didn't get to go because I was contracted for a event... dang it. I have tried and tried to get some help for times like this.. everyone wants to work.. but when it comes down to it they are busy.. or they want medical benefits.. hello this is a small coffee cart... on the other end.. I have had three people tell me they would buy the coffee cart if I wanted to let it go.

We have worked the coffee cart so much this month.. Robert helped me out several times.. Phyllis came and helped me also. I did get a new price list/sign made... very happy for being the first time I designed one.

Robert has been working almost every night on the Rotary Auction, he had firearms training in the pouring rain.

Tonight was so cute... Corbin called me on the phone and was telling me all about his shopping trip he was on. It was too cute, just talked and talked.

When Robert was on the Bomb call.. I walked down and took pictures.. and Bug and I went shopping.. we bought him two little outfits.. the plain but very cute one was from a new doggie store in town.. the second one was from a craft fair I went by.

We are going to the Rotary Auction and then we are going to Seattle to COFFEFEST... woohooo we are excited to go.

Our plans to go to California were changed so I guess we are going to have to find something else to do. We really need a real vacation so any ideas.

My grandson Andrew went to prom ... yikes he is too young no way. *grin*

I have finally been able to start a quilting class again after wow.. I think years. I am really enjoying it, the teacher picked the colors.. it will be nice for this time of year... I will have to keep it since it is my first one. I will probably put it on the back of the couch.

Well Blogger is being naughty tonight.. it would not let me put my pictures where I wanted so I just added another slide show.

Here is a link to see the pictures larger... CLICK

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