September 04, 2008

Has it really been a week ..

I cant believe that mom has been gone a week.. we all miss her so much.  We are going through mom's things... and in some way it just doesn't seem right.

Please keep us in your prayers.. mom was the glue for this family.  Thank you everyone... thank you for all your notes and prayers, phone calls, cards.  Thank you.

DSC_0017This is a picture of mom in January... we had a surprise birthday party for her at her favorite Bingo place. She was 77.   We decorated  the tables and  had balloons all over her  chair.. and made her dress up... heart More later.


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  1. What a PRECIOUS pic of your Mom, Joy. Ah I know she's partying now...

    You've been so on my heart, and I'm looking forward when we get a chance to CHAT visit.

    Wishing you a better day.

    Love, Barb


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