December 17, 2008

I live near the beach.....

You wouldn't believe it by the snow photos.... I don't know what made me look out the window at 1:30am but I did and I couldn't believe how it was snowing... we usually get snow and it will last for about a day and a half. We have had snow since Sunday and now it is really coming down again. I must tell you that it does make my heart sing... I love love love it.

These are taken at night so they aren't the greatest and I lightened the snow ones so you could see them better.

The first one was around 5:30pm before I left for bunco... and the snow ones were like I said at 1:30am I am hoping that the roads will be drivable later so that I can take some photos by the beach.



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Have a great day and keep warm.


  1. We're working on snow storm part 2 here right now too. But the snow really hasn't become heavy today as yet. I keep wondering when the worst is going to happen like the weathermen predicted! LOL.

  2. and I'm getting snow too, ALL THE DAY LONG - hadda shovel the driveway and its still coming.

    Thanks for sharing, Joy Joy!

    I'll lurk for you tomorrow, should be online a bit. Got a mike yet? *snort* (unnnderthestove)

  3. What fun pics! We have it here too. And they say more is on the way. Stay warm!

  4. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for stopping by today. I would love to share the amazing things I've learned about photography just since blogging.
    First of all, all I have is a $99.00 Samsung from Walmart, model S730. Okay, so my BIG trick is to take all my photos at night with NO flash, using the ASR setting. That setting also never uses flash, on my camera. I've tried day time lighting in the house and it's just not the same. When I want a SUPER close-up, my daughter told me to then use the macro setting (the little tulip icon). WOW, what a difference that made on my close-ups. And last, I learned from other bloggers that everything looks better at an angle, as opposed to straight on. On one of my tree photos, I laid on the floor. Hee-hee! Anyway, I hope these few things have helped. That's all the tricks I have up my sleeve. Good luck! : )


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