June 13, 2009

Kalven’s grandparents day….

This is going to be a little out of order, but it has been so busy and with computer problems I have photos all over the place.. I will start with Kals grandparents day because I have the photos right out of the camera. 

What a fun time we had… Kal’s school in such a pretty spot.. and a lovely drive to get there.. but I thought better of showing pictures and putting the name on the internet.
They had a nice lunch out side and it was sunny and warm.. we also had home made ice cream.  We played (the kids) and enjoyed chatting, then they had to get back to business as usual.
I headed back to town and checked a few stores out and then when 3pm hit I went and picked up Kalven and had a wonderful conversation with him.. He is such a funny kid.. he has a funny personality like his dad.. really both the boys do.  Thank you Kalven for a great day!
Ok… I have to go and get ready before hubby gets home.. he wants to go buy some fencing and get the fence done for the puppies.. no this is not a huge project, it is a small do it yourself fence I will show photos later.
            joy (grandma Bug)


  1. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for stopping by recently. The photo in the post below with the kiddos jumping in the air brought a big smile to my face. So Cute!!!
    Glad you had a great day with little Kalven. I clicked on your scrapbook layouts (darling, by the way) and saw the adorable baby one of Kalven with his daddy's helmet. Again...So Cute! : )

  2. Hope your fencing went well. Kalven sounds like a nice kid!

    SO glad you are blogging again, my friend.


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