October 02, 2009

Whistler BC

Ok.... we sat for about 10 minutes or so at the entrance.. we stop and they question all of us and take our passports.. then they tell us to drive up to the building close and lock our car up.. then go inside.. we were there for an hour. They had us sit down for more than 30 minutes then called us one by one to go up there and they questioned us.. well almost everyone (but me).. I guess I look like a little old lady.

Then they asked for Roberts truck keys and went and searched our car then came back and asked us all the same questions like 2 or 3 times. Not bad really we were just tired and wanted to get to our room.

So we went back out to our car I turned my phone on and it told me that I would be charged 15.92 per kb ... I have no idea what that pertains to so I shut that puppy of so fast... I will call ATT tomorrow and see what the heck is going on.

Jade and Deb's condo is awesome.. I will share photos soon. we ordered Indian food in... oh my gosh... Karen I feel spoiled having in twice in two weeks. oh yum. Deb headed to bed and the rest of us are chillin for a little bit.


  1. Wow, Joy! I am glad you didn't have to be somewhere fast w/ all that questioning. :)

    Whistler is lovely... unless you go to a SKI resort in OCT (even though your travel agent didn't tell you there would be NO SNOW) and they were building 7 NEW BUILDINGS where you were staying. LOL!

    I have so many stories like that... we were young and stupid. Live and learn. :)


  2. Sounds like you had an adventurous trip! I've always wanted to try Indian food, but have yet to try it. A friend of mine has a favorite restaurant that she and her husband love in Portland and someday I will go with her to give it a try. I love spicy foods, so she says I will love it!

    As for my computer we have a church member that is looking at it for me and will let us know if it can be fixed or not. That used to be his job, but he no longer does that for a living anymore. We are hoping it is something simple, so that my husband can fix it in order to save money that we don't have right now. I will ask him who he recommends you take your computer to, if you would like....just let me know and then I will get back to you. I will see him Thursday night, so I can ask him then.

    Hope you have had a great summer. :) ~ Debra


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