January 09, 2010

I had to share these photos...

I had to share these photos that Robert took.... I just love them... they were taken in Reedsport Oregon while he was down there on Wednesday. He used his Cannon Power Shot.... This is docks off the back of a restaurant oh I would love to have seen that in person. Great job honey!

I love the photo of our dear friends there ... I miss you guys.
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  1. Those are LOVELY Joy! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Those are great pics...the fog is really cool! I hope you are feeling better now. You should ask your doctor about trying Singulair. I started taking it last June and it has helped me A LOT! I've never gone 7 months without bronchitis....that's a record for me and it's because of the singulair. Anyway, can't remember if I already told you that or not, so i hope I didn't just repeat myself. My heart goes out to you because it sounds like we both deal with the same thing and I know how much of a bummer it is. :(


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