January 15, 2010

Puppy Love....

I had to share these photos of Ellie and Bug showing off their Christmas gifts from my eldess daughter Roxane. They are so cute, now Ellie the fiesty little puppy she is... chewed a hole in her outfit when I took it off of her ... she loves rhinestones... lol

It is crazy windy here again and it is on my last nerve.

Poor Robert is never sick and he has been home for several days getting through a cold.

Tomorrow I head to Washington to help my daughter to move.. pray for us :).

Have a great weekend.



  1. Sounds like Robert has what we had. It was sure hard to shake.
    The puppies look Oh So Cute in their new Christmas outfits!!!
    And the pic of your son's "puppy" below, cracked me up. : )
    I hope all went well with the move.
    Take care, Joy.
    Mary Lou

  2. Hi Joy - I agree they look darling. So FUN!

    I am sorry I did not check here before and pray for the move. I hope it went well.

    Love, Barb

  3. Joy, it sounds like you've had enough computer problems yourself! I'm sorry to hear that because I know how frustrating it is. Hopefully it's not the hard drives and you will be able to get them fixed.

    Your little doggie's outfits are adorable! I hope your daughter's move went well. :)

  4. Look how sweet those little puppies are!


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