June 12, 2010


I can't remember if I mentioned that Bug was having seizures or not... he will be four years old this October and he just started having seizures the vet has been monitoring him to see how it was going... this last month he has had four so she started him on phenobarbital poor little guy.. he started being frightened when he had them.. it makes you feel so bad just like when your children were little and helpless.  He appears to be doing fine now I pray this takes care of the seizures.


  1. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for stopping by my place recently and for your kind words regarding my mom's passing. They meant a lot to me.
    I sure hope this new medication for your sweet little Bug has continued to help. I know what you mean about feeling bad for our pets. It's so much like being a mommy again. : )
    Take care,
    Mary Lou

  2. I just saw you comment on my blog and sometimes it's just nice to watch the fireworks and enjoy them rather than take pics.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your dog having seisures, but phenobarbital is supposed to work really well, so I hope it helps him! :)

  3. Oh, he is the cuteness! So sorry for him and you, and esp. for you and that horrible teeth story--ohmywordy! Wishing you the best. I'm heading off to have mine glued back in.


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