August 19, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away.....

The weather here has been so dismal for almost the entire summer... it was really getting to me.. so I left town for a couple of weeks... I went to The Tri-Cities, to see my family and soak up the sun. It was wonderful I am not one to sit out in the sun... but I was out there every day. In a little less than two days I was really feeling the change in how I felt. I stayed there for a little over a week, it was in the high 90's there.  I then went to Tacoma to help my daughter with her girls... and just to sit in the sun again... I went for walks with the girls and her dog.. I got out every chance I could.

After awhile my sweet husband asked me when I was going to return home.. I asked him if the sun was shinning he said NO... .I told him I was not coming home... lol.  But I did :) and it was ugly. I was able to deal with it tho... I had enough sun that I was ok... several days of gloom and then today we had a little bit of sunshine... then rain tonight.

Hubby is on a retreat with his work... they are bonding.. lol... they are doing white water rafting. I am glad he is tho... he said for the first time since our move to the coast that the weather was getting to him. I am praying we are going to have sun before fall sets in.

I dont think I am going to be able to post photos... blogger is being a stinker tonight.  UPDATE:  I finally was able to get this photo uploaded... so this is what we have been dealing with for most of the summer.

I hope you have a great weekend.  

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  1. Oh...I am so glad you got out of dodge and were able to soak up some sunshine! I'm sure it warmed up your bones and made you feel good, but hey....why didn't you bring some of that sunshine back with you? LOL I'm still longing for summer and warmth! I haven't even been able to enjoy the only warm days we've had because I'm still recovering from my back surgery. Ugh! I keep hoping that our best weather will be in September and October....a person can hope, right? It sounds like you must be feeling better than you have this past year, at least I hope so. Thanks for the nice Anniversary wishes!


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