July 11, 2007

Hot time in the city... oh I mean on the Coast!

Robert and I went to Portland yesterday, I had a doctors appointment. It was over a 100.. but because of the meds they pushed through me for the CT scan I think I was cold and the heat felt wonderful.. I just sat in the sun and soaked it in.

We went to Costco which is always a dangerous place to go, and I will be darned we were attacked... a wii jumped right in our cart and made us take it home.. what can you do! we are excited to get it hooked up and try it out.

As we were heading home the heat felt so good... then about 20 minutes from Seaside I think all the meds got through my system and I really was feeling the heat. When we got home the house was 87 degrees... the coolest place to be was in the garage.. so we spent some time there.

Then Robert worked on painting of my office, after he was done he said I am going for a run do you want to walk while I run... so we grabbed Bug and headed to the beach. It was 9:30 and still very warm out.. so many people out on the turnaround and on the beach. Of course everyone had to stop us and talk to Bug. lol. These are some things I had to take pictures of on my walk.. bummer I didn't have my Nikon again shame on me.


  1. You are going to LOVE the Wii!! We have one and we totally love it! play all the time when we have company over. Costco IS a dangerous place! i agree.. i am glad the closest one to me is a 45 min drive away! LOL

  2. Costco sounds like a frightening place, glad nothing happened to you!
    The weather is really going crazy over the last couple of years, isn´t it?
    We have also a killer heat here in Germany right now, one can´t breathe :( I love the sun, but the heat is so awful!
    I hope you enjoy a cooler weekend :)

  3. What pretty pics. I can imagine everyone wanting to stop and talk to Bug. hehe!

    I need to bring the kids to the beach this summer... we all miss it. You know I never did make down to the ocean at the retreat. Silly me.

    Have fun with the wii!


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