July 16, 2007

Summer at the Beach...

Hey everyone... hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine... My daughter that lives in Eastern Washington and her 3 children came down for a few days.. it was fun having them here and we had a great time. Everyone had a great time playing with the Wii... they even got grandpa to play and I think he really likes it.. I was looking for him tonight and couldn't find him... when he came upstairs I asked where have you been? He said someone left the Wii on so I played some golf... lol

We had another espresso event this weekend... Robert and I took turns working it, it made it much easier, the days started at 10am and ended at 11pm. Our grandson helped also.. and while he was with me he did inventory for me.. that was awesome.

Roxane and the kids went shopping and did the tourist thing, the kids did the carousel and Brie bought me a lovely seashell with purple veins in it, love it. They had to check out the great candy store "The Buzz" . Roxane made homemade tacos one night... yummy
They packed up the truck with stuff we told them to take home with them *grin* great way to clean out the house.

As they were leaving to return to Benton City, Deb and the boys and her mom and dad pulled in. They headed to the beach.. Robert and I went down later to spend a little time with them, we headed home and they played and swam in the ocean for many more hours. The beach and the city was packed with people. The kids had a great time and played until they decided they were starving.. they all came home and ate and played for a little bit then headed home to Washington. I am sure the boys slept all the way home.

As Deb and her family were driving away my neighbor with the new baby said hey can we come over.. lol.. so we chatted for awhile and the baby fell asleep in my arms so she asked if she could go home and eat... of course i said... I am sure she hasn't had much time to sit down and eat by herself. They stayed and visited then I rested the remainder of the night...

The next day I had to kick into gear and get ready for BUNCO hosted at my house.. very busy couple of weeks.

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  1. Oh, another blog to read! Great photos Joy. Looks like you all had a great time! You've been having some warm weather! It was so nice when we were there in Tillamook area! Loved it!


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