June 29, 2008

Everyone has been asking about Bug... and he is here with me... he doesn't care too much for th hot hot heat.. but he does being able to go out and play in a fenced yard... the first picture is of him having a ice cream treat and he loved it, he even knew to eat the cone. The second picture is of Bug and Joey.. they are always running like crazy... then they crash like this. sooo cute.

Can you believe that another month is almost gone. Wow We did make it to 103 degrees.. I had forgotten what that felt like.. it was just too hot to be outside.. my sisters lawn man usually comes over in the after noon and mows her lawn.. needless to say...he came by and said it was just way too hot.. which we didn't blame him at all.

Mom ended up having a really rough night last night... she was so sick.. and this morning she wasn't feeling the greatest either. I think she really wanted to go to the ER last night.. but then she said she would wait a little while. She slept very well and later today she started perking up pretty good.. I hope she is still going to want to go home to Seaside with us.

I was sitting outside in Florence's back yard and it was 10pm and 85 degrees... and a slight breeze and I closed my eyes and memories came flooding back to me.. it was so sweet.. It felt like the hot nights we would have when we lived on W 21st in Kennewick. I remember Robert and I laying together in the hammock by the pool.. I loved that it felt so good to go back to that place even if it was only for a moment.

We are spending the night again at my sisters... but I think we will go home tomorrow late afternoon.. I think mom likes to be in her own house I know how that is when you don't feel good. I think that it will be a bit cooler starting Tuesday.

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