June 28, 2008

ok... really... enough...

Today is so hot that I have a headache... I am really tired.. I am getting sleep but maybe it isn't good sleep I don't know... but then it could be the heat also, since I have moved to the coast I just cant tolerate the heat so much anymore.

Mom is having a better day today... she has gotten around more but also sleeps a little more I suppose that can be the heat for her also. Her and I are going to go to my sister Florence's house to night.. where she has central AC.. I am sure we will sleep much better.

My sister Florence took mom over to see her husband today so I am going through clothes etc, to see what mom will take with her to the coast. The puppies.. mine and my sisters were running and playing now they are sound asleep I am sure the heat gets to them also.

Robert called me from Hillsboro to tell me his car was 106 when he got in it... and when he got to 60 mph it cooled to 103 he is thrilled to be heading back to the coast.

I hope everyone is doing well ... stay out of the heat drink LOTS of water.

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  1. Hi Joy -

    Ah, the heat just ADDS to misery, no? I'm relieved you'll at least recieve SOME a/c. Thank you for keeping us up to date, and even finding time to check on me.

    Are you enjoying being with your family? Are you getting loads of pics? Do you ever do a photo swap when you get together?

    Today promises to be HOT HOT HOT here too, I think I will drag my Miles down to the lake... seeings as he's not doing anything in particular these days...


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