July 05, 2008

Deer at the beach.

The deer wandered out to see what everyone was doing in town... and everyone was freaking out to see them by the beach.. there were tourist taking pictures like crazy,

I hope you all had a great fourth of July.. it ended up getting cloudy but it was still beautiful to watch the fireworks. Robert worked all day trying to protect our city.. nothing earth shattering happened. They had a couple lost children but were able to reunite everyone quickly he said.

Mom had a rough day today.. but she did wake up to see the fireworks and loved them. She could see them through the window sitting on the couch so that was nice. There was a lovely cool breeze blowing through the windows. We are going to take mom out to Sunset Beach tomorrow, you are allowed to drive on the beach there.. .so we can get mom right up to the water.

Have a great day.


  1. What great pics you captured, Joy! I hope they made it safely back to the wilderness. Ah, but you make me long so to visit the ocean. sigh.

    I am so glad your Mom got to see the fireworks and I hope she has a nice time at Sunset Beach - thats a LOVELY beach! Won't you take a pic for me?


    ps, who did your sweet little car w/ you an bug in it?

  2. Hi Mrs. Joy,

    I am SO GLAD you are having a good day at the beach... in fact, I'm heading there, to our beach of course, in one hour. Its my treat/reward for backing up all my files this a.m. ROTFL!

    Hows things? You're in my prayers still!

  3. Great photos. I've never spotted deer at a beach...

  4. Lu-Ann (a new friend)7/10/2008 12:25 PM

    My husband will just go nutty over this set of pictures! He loves to look at deer anytime of year! I hope your mom enjoys the beach trip. Tell her we're praying she proves them wrong too. You just never know... Take care of yourselves too and God's best blessings for a wonderful day!

  5. That is too funny. I'm used to seeing deer here in Utah, but not standing by the beach.

  6. I am keeping a lookout for you Joy, Joy!

    Glad you made it home to Washington safely - thanks for letting me know. I thought I would come and say hello while I am on the computer. My time here will be limited as I'm going outdoors to further clean up after our windstorm.

    I'll catch ya!

  7. I love the photos. We are such deer lovers. We only see them in the mountains up here.

  8. WOW... I've never seen that at any Southern California beaches... they are all a ZOO... but no deer! ;) That's really FUN!


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