July 18, 2008

Trying to catch up...

Mom and I had a good trip heading to Seaside.. my sister Laurie and her husband Tom and my sister Florence and her daughter all came down on Friday, They arrived very late and very tired.

Jade Deb and the boys came down for the night on Sunday... they cooked awesome meals.. mom really enjoyed herself.. she was so happy to see them and the boys were all over her and loving on her. We had a great time. They headed to the beach and the carousel. the rest of us took a nap. Thank you for the awesome meals Jade and Deb.

I don't remember where this fit in... but Jade and Robert put up a great temporary fence for the puppies and they loved and we did also.. we could just leave the door open and they went in and out. They did such a great job.

Jade & family went to do a little last minute shopping and then headed home.

Here are some photos from their time here. Click photo for more.

 After our nap we headed out to sunset beach. Mom really enjoyed herself even though she wasn't up to getting out. We later went to the cove and enjoyed the sunset.

click on the photo to see more.

Mom really was not feeling well and wanted to go home early.. but she woke up on Wednesday and said she was feeling better and wanted to stay until Friday.

The trip back to Washington was a very long one.. it seemed like we were never going to get home.

I think that I was just too tired to remember everything. I will post this for tonight and update you more tomorrow. Take care..



  1. Hi Joy,

    Thank you so much for keeping me up to date, you're constantly in my prayers. I'm glad you made it home safe and sound.

    Love the photo of the lil guy in the lawn chair. That would be a highly scrappable one, no? And the sunset... *sigh* this is something I am REALLY missing this summer, is an ocean sunset. Well, your photos are the next best thing.

    I'll continue to think of you and please let me know when you update!


  2. We missed you, Joy.
    signed, the Bunco girls..

    Just kidding, it's me, Karen. The weather out here at the coast must have been a relief for everyone, right? (to the point where some probably had to wear 2 layers!)

    Take care, Joy.


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