July 19, 2008

The hot weather is melting me....

These are flowers that my sisters bought me when they went shopping while we were in Seaside... so beautiful.


So I know I keep complaining about the heat... but come on... it is hot here..   My whining must have helped... my brother went out and bought a AC unit for the bedroom mom and I are in... Praise GOD... I am telling you... the first night in a month that I was actually able to sleep. My mother said today it was cold... and I told her she better not say a word. *grin* Thank you brother.

Mom has been having a pretty rough time since we came back to Tri-Cities... she has been getting sick a lot and sleeping a lot.. it was making me feel very sad.  She tells me she just wants to go to sleep and not wake up.

Yesterday when she woke up I had her get up and put on a fresh outfit instead of PJ's and I took her to see her husband... she ended up getting sick there so we returned home.  She woke up late in the evening and Her and I had a wonderful evening of chatting and laughing.. we really enjoyed it... then we watched  a movie until 2am...  we had popcorn.. then brother came home and yelled at us to go to bed... lol  we stopped our movie and we finished it tonight.

She is tired... but feeling good tonight. I really wish that she would get better and be healed.. it is such a hard thing to watch.  I hope you all don't think this is a bummer... I am not sad all the time.. I have very sad moments.. but I am hanging in there.  I think it helps to journal it... even though I didn't like I should have in the beginning but I couldn't get out of my own way for the first month... I was wiped out. I am going to start having someone stay with mom so I can get out a little bit.  She is really pressing me to get out more also.. it is just hard to do, I hate leaving her. I had my first outing today... lol... well tonight..  my sister and I went to Costco to do some shopping.. and my sister kept telling me ... come on hurry up... lol.. I told her this is my first outing... leave me alone.

We have spent time going through her closet and going through her clothes and getting rid of everything that looked like it was 50 years old, It made her feel good.

While she is sleeping and I am not cleaning or organizing I surf the web. lol.. I am not really looking for anything ... lots of scrapbook stuff... and mindless stuff so I don't have to think. Although I did come across this...

I am not really ready to buy anything... but my mom and I drove by and took a peek in a lot after we found it online.. it sure is cute.. but I really wanted to buy a hybrid...so I don't know what to do.. so I will do nothing for now. I will see what Robert thinks of it when he comes down next weekend... woohooo  for 3 days... I am so excited.   I am going to sign off for tonight ... or this morning... lol.. what ever it is. Thanks again for all the wonderful thoughts and prayers from everyone. Hugs... 



  1. THANK YOU Joy, for updating me. Your flowers are so cheerful - I'm so glad you captured them on film... you'll be always able to look back and enjoy them.

    It sounds like you've been having more heat than us here - our nights are nice and cool. I can just FEEL your relief at getting an air conditioner.

    I am SO GLAD you're having some quality time with your mom - and I continue to pray for such.

    You have such a loving family - its my JOY to read your blog - and I thank you for sharing.

    Hmmm the hybrid is SWEET - who knows, one day that could be your little face in the windshield!

    Keep dreaming big!


  2. Joy....!
    Word to the wise if you're surfing the 'Net. DON'T get started on eBay!! I've been shopping for beading supplies there since April, and I'll bet I have almost as much stock as Rose does!
    Take care,

  3. I'm just checking in on you Joy. Hope all is well.



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