April 09, 2009

Beautiful day by the sea…

I  had to run around and get things done today, and it was so beautiful.  It is suppose to rain in the morning when I take off for Las Vegas… Please say a prayer for me I am getting nervous , I am so wanting to get over the fear of flying. I haven't flown in 15 years.  Have a great weekend and a blessed Easter  Celebration.

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  1. Hi, I saw your comment that you left me on my blog and to answer your question....yes, I do live near you, but not in Seaside. Small world isn't it? I was checking out your blog and just want to say that you have some awesome pictures. I especially love the ones you took at the cove in the snow! I see we have something in common....we both love the beach and we both love taking pictures.

    As for exiting the beach over that sand dune...you will end up in Warrenton by the grade school. You won't be able to go that way, until it dries up a little though because there are two big holes full of water in the road right now and one of them is way deeper than it looks. Trust me my husband found that out the hard way years ago when we were dating. lol :) So the other day we had to turn around and go back down the dune onto the beach and exit at Peter Iredale. Plus don't try it without a 4 wheel drive truck or SUV or you will get stuck. (I'm sure you already know that), but 2 summers ago we found a car stuck up on top and had to pull the guy out. You should have seen how buried his car was! If we hadn't decided to go up there that day, who knows how long he would have been there because you couldn't see him from the beach. People are funny!

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of your pictures. I'll be dropping by your blog again!


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