April 08, 2009

How cool is this….

I just went by Amanda and Kevin's blog and downloaded her background she did… I am so excited when I return from LV I am going to give it a try myself.  Go and check out their awesome blog!

ok.. so I played some more I have to stop… lol things to do. Thank you so much Amanda. 


  1. The header looks awesome! I love the starfish!! :)

  2. Boy you are quick... thank you so much... it takes me so long to do something.. but I am trying. Thank you for your kit and helpful tips.

  3. I am a new blogger and not so good w/computer functions. I sure wish I could figure out how to jazz up my pitiful looking site. Any easy tips? Yours looks great. I also need to get some pics on mine- haven't done that, yet, either.

    Scarlett in Michigan


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