November 12, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away.....

My gosh....I have been not well for so long.. and today was my first time out in a very long time. It was actually sunny today Robert ran to Home Depot and Costco so I went along with him. By the time we returned home the rain started up again.. it is just beginning and I am already sick of it.

It has been raining hard and non stop some times. The poor dogs have not wanted to go out in it and I don't blame them at all. When it is really bad I have been putting papers down in the garage and encouraging them to go there..ummm they look at me like what the heck..but they finally give in and do their thing and thankful to not have to go out on the soggy lawn.

Dont get me wrong.. I love it here but sometimes the rain gets to me.

On our way to Home Depot I snapped this with my phone.. we are so excited to be getting a larger Costco it opens on the 25th of this month, notice the rain started again.

We were talking yesterday  maybe we should go check out Arizona in a couple of months and see how I do in the drier climate, not that we would move there but we could live there part time.. when it is really wet here. I have noticed on HGTV they were mentioning that it was cheaper there also, so we will see.. that might be the answer. Have a great day.



  1. Joy, it seems like you've been sick a lot....I'm so sorry for you. I understand how that is because I've dealt with sickness (especially bronchitis) since I moved here in 1978. After allergy testing I found out I was allergic to mold (the kind that grows in the ground) and of course, as you well know how damp it is here, there's no way to get away from the mold.

    I said all this because I'm just wondering if you are sick due to the dampness and mold also. My husband took me to Arizona this past summer and that was what it took to get me well. Since then I have been taking Singulair every night before I go to bed and I haven't gotten sick yet. This is amazing because I can't remember ever getting through Aug. through November without having bronchitis at least a couple of times. I hope I can keep up this track feels good to be well, after being sick for so many months. I feel for you! I do hope you can get well soon.

    Oh and I'm excited for the new Costco too! :)

  2. P.S. I'm glad you like Michael Buble....he's awesome isn't he? I just love, love, love his voice!

  3. I couldn't handle the rain! I'm an east side of the mountains kinda gal!

    The blog looks great Joy!

    Arizona will be sounding great to me too very soon (brrr....getting cold outside)!

  4. Hi Joy,
    Wanted to answer your question on my blog, but there was no email address, so I thought I would stop by here. You had asked about the storage boxes with the lids. I think they are from Walmart...they are covered shoe boxes. I put them together inside out so the not so matchy pattern is on the inside. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you're feeling better.


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