November 18, 2009

Stormy at the beach..

Tuesday it was a crazy stormy day... and it appears we are going to have the same type of day today.  DH went in to see what he could do to help and he stayed out until 2:30am , when he got home he was beat and soaked. We had a major flood on 101 and they shut it down for a bit.


We call this Lake Safeway... come by sometime and take a dip.

I heard a loud boom but couldnt find out where it came from and I found out this morning that the glass in our patio table was lifted out and thrown on the ground... I am so glad he did not go through the window or land on a car... yikes. It is way too heavy to pick up so that was some powerful wind.

Stay warm everyone. 


  1. Hello, I have just been on your blog for the first time. I would like to send you some fat quarters. I cleaned out all my fabric and have a load of it and nobody in my family wants it. I will be glad to let someone have it who wants it. My email is
    I looked up Brandford Landing and it is in Missouri but I can't figure out how that is near the sea? Linda at

  2. Hi Joy -

    I must ask you to forgive me, its been SO LONG since I've visited. I honestly did not know if you were keeping your blog up anymore. I feel bad for having neglected to come check. I do miss you.

    I am so encouraged to see you blogging and knowing you are doing well. My fond hope is that we CAN connect in the future.

    Love, Barb

  3. Hi Joy,
    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, to answer your question. No, I didn't make my "JOY" blocks, but here's a link to a wonderful tutorial if you'd like to make your own.

    I got mine last year at a specialty gift boutique here in town. I've noticed that the gift boutiques have them again this year.
    If you end up making one, be sure to let me know. : )

  4. HOla!

    Beautiful pictures, is that rock from Morro Bay Cali? I was in the area this past summer and loved it.

    Cute blog.

  5. I'm so glad the stormy weather has passed! You had it bad in your town with the flooding. Yikes! I'm so glad your glass table top didn't damage anything, that could have been bad! I love the picture of that big wave...SO COOL!


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