June 27, 2008

Checking in...

First thank you to everyone for the wonderful notes and prayers and emails.. I am sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner.. it has been very busy since I arrived in Washington. To those of you asking... you do NOT have to join anything to leave a comment... and ignore the url thing when you sign in under your name.. you can put your name or not.. do what ever is easiest.

When I first arrived here my mother and her husband were in the hospital together... but in separate rooms... and they didn't know each other were there. If we would have told her husband he would have called her room non stop, and she was too sick. My siblings were running back and forth from room to room. The Dr. was awesome, he did everything to make things easier on everyone.

I have no concept of what happened when... the days kind of blend into one another. I slept at the hospital for 3 or 4 nights... 3 of them in a chair... not comfortable... the 3rd or 4th night they found a little couch bed thing.. (lol sorry) I don't know what to call it. I was a little afraid to go to sleep laying down because I knew I would go into a deeper sleep, sure enough... I went to sleep and mother got up at 3am and decided to go to the bathroom all by her self with tubes and all.. and.... she fell... all heck broke loose... I flew up off the cot... and three nurses came running.. yikes... needless to say the next day she was a bruised mess.

Also while she was in there her husband was released from the hospital and taken to Hospice House.. they did get to be together for a couple of hours before he left.

She was finally were released to go home and mother really was feeling pretty good... she insisted in going out to the back yard the next day... everything went well until it was time to come in... she lost her balance and pushed me back and I was trying to hang on to her.. thank GOD I am packing a few extra pounds... I twisted so she would not hit her head on the cement... and metal pipe she was heading for... so I hit my arms and my ribs. I am fine.. a bit bruised... after the shock of it all and we settled down and my brother Mike came out to pick us both up off the ground it was quite comical in a sad way.

She has good days and bad days... but over all better than I thought... she wanted to go see her husband a couple of days ago so my sister and I took her.. we put her in the car and she said she wanted to do it herself.. my sister and I were talking and we looked over and there was mother lying on the driveway where she just fallen out of the car.. NOT AGAIN.. I told her she wasn't leaving our side... she just wasn't stable enough. Roberts mother loaned us her walker and mom moaned and whined about it forever.. and I told her it would make her feel more secure... well finally she saw that it did and she is doing so well with it. I know she truly hates feeling like she can not take care of her self.

She made the Dr. tell her how long she had and he told her that it could be a month maybe two. She is telling everyone a year or two... I don't know if she is doing that on purpose or is confused... but I asked her what she thinks he said and she told me a month.. so I am not sure what that was about. We did talk about her proving them wrong.. I pray about it.

All of my siblings have been wonderful, everyone is a little stressed and doing as well as they can. Everyone is trying to go to Hospice and see her husband and see her so needless to say they are tired. Both my sisters and I took mom out for Chinese food yesterday and she really enjoyed that very much .. her real first outing.

Today was her husbands 80th birthday so everyone went over and took balloons and cake and cupcakes and Hospice also got him a cake and balloons. Mother really had a rough start to the day so her Dr appt and all the running around we did kicked her butt so we had to leave after a hour and a half .. and it doesn't help that it is 400 degrees here... lol.. no joke... I am melting. Mother who is always cold (like you Phyllis) told me she was actually hot today. Pray we get relief from the weather this weekend.. it is going to be 106. I might have to jump in the Columbia River.

My sister was scheduled to come to my home in Seaside for a week.. and the fact that I am here we weren't sure what was going to happen... but Mom said she really would like to go to Seaside... so we asked my brother what he thought and her Dr.. and he said go for it. So now it will be my two sisters my brother in law...my niece and my mom... and then I received a phone call from my son and his wife and they said they want to come down... we said ok,.. the more the merrier.

My mothers Brothers and Sister were here and that was nice... she really enjoyed their visits.

I am missing my Hubby... and Seaside.. and do I ever appreciate it and the non 100 degree weather.

Thank you so much for all the love you are sending our way.

This is a photo I took of mom and her baby Angel... they missed each other so much.. The hospital told us to bring her to mom in her room.. but mom was excited to get outside so they had a great visit in the garden of the hospital.

I had to show you the Hydrangeas that Roberts sister Myra sent to my mom.. Robert and I actually planted these in our back yard... and She and her hubby bought our house from us when we left Washington... very cool.


  1. Thanks for the update Joy. No doubt I have been thinking about you and your family! I'm hoping you pull off a good week with everyone at your home!

    May your home be filled with love!


  2. Hi Joy, thank you for sending me an updated, I'm afraid I've had some excitement happening here too, so have not been checking your blog, pls forgive me. I will pray for you and your family and look forward to checking in on you for more updates. PLEASE if there's any other way I can be of help, I am HERE for you. This must all be pretty frightening/exhausting for you.

    Love, Barb


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