September 21, 2008

Friday night Robert and I and Andrew (of course Bug) went for a long walk.. we walk from our house to the Ocean and back. We walked by the new Library so we decided to sneak in and see if we could see the tiles we had made for my Mom and my brother in law Shayne. We were told that they were not together but close to each other... we were so happy to see they were right next to each other. I don't know if someone moved them after we asked or what.. but we are thrilled and I know Mom and Shayne are. Here are some photos I took... you have to understand they are soooo much prettier in person. Click the photo below and it will take you to the slideshow.

We then continued to walk to the beach and I took a couple more photos.. There was a event on the beach where they were seeing how far your dog could jump and land in a huge pool of water. Of course everyone that walked by us would ask if we were going to enter Bug in the event. : )



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It was nice to go outside enjoy the air, and feel like things were normal for a little while.. Have a great Weekend.



  1. Joy! I am so terribly sorry to hear about your loss! I am sending you much love and hugs and wish that I was there to roam the beach with you (especially in this gorgeous weather)!

  2. Ha! I think I figured out how to subscribe to your blog, Joy, so now I won't miss a post. What a lovely place you live on. I could fairly smell the ocean seeing your photos. I am so glad you got some down time with Robert. I miss chatting with you! Let me know when you have time.

    Love, Barb

  3. Hi Joy - so weird, the first time I came here the b/g was totally BLACK the entire time, this time its white, so can see and leave a comment. So must be fixed.

    I'll keep checking. Love to chat w/ you sometime.



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