October 03, 2008

The disappearing photos

I have been trying and trying to figure out why when I go on my blog the photos are there and sometimes they are not... have you had a problem with that or is it just me?

The rain has started! I hope it is going to be a mild winter.

I noticed my husband was wearing a purple ribbon on his uniform today... I asked him if that was for domestic violence and he said yes. I asked if he would wear a pink one because it is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month... he told me he would.... whoooo hooo, what a man I have.

* update * I think it is LiveWriter that is causing the problem.. all of the photos that disappear are the ones that I did on LiveWriter... bummer.

1 comment:

  1. I've not had this problem with the photos before Joy - wish I could help.

    Your Robert IS a sweetie.

    I'll be back with more later - just got home from our thanksgiving weekend with our folks!



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